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Kiwon Kang

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MFA • Textile Design • School of Fashion
Kiwon Kang is studying for an MFA degree in Textile Design. The Textile Design degree program gives students the skills necessary to fully realize their creative visions. Kiwon Kang is gaining experience in fabric burnout to photographic screen printing to computer-assisted print designs, and developing their drawing and color skills in coursework that combines excellence in design, artistic vision, and innovative technology.
Airbrush painting, Splatter, Stippling, Hatching, Dry-Brushing, Shading, Sponge painting, Marbling, Batik, Dyeing, Ikat, Kalamkari, Block printing, Screen painting, Stencil painting, Transfer painting, Flocking, Discharge painting, Sync, AIMS360 Fashion ERP, Momentis Fashion System, PolyPM, Digital Fashion Pro, Comprehensiv ERP, RLM Apparel, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, ConceptDraw Diagram, BlueCherry, Delogue, Rhino 6, Simplio3D, TUKAcad, N41 Apparel ERP, SmartDesigner, C-Design Fashion, IntelloCut, PatternMaker, Stitchex
Design sketching, Color theory, Fabric technology, Rendering, Visual research, Rhythm structure, Foreshortening, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Creative Suite 5

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For more information on these skilled artists and designers, call 415-618-8899, or email us at industryoncampus@academyart.edu

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