Fine Art (Emphasis in Printmaking)

Oliya Maicoh

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About Me

MFA • Fine Art (Emphasis in Printmaking) • School of Fine Art
Oliya Maicoh is pursuing a MFA degree in Fine Art with an Emphasis in Printmaking. Oliya Maicoh is working in one of the most advanced facilities of its kind in North America and is gaining advance knowledge in non-figurative and figurative art.
Figure drawing, Digital media, Still life painting, Printmafing, Head & Figure sculpture, Color and design, Mural painting, Abstract painting, Paper sculpture, Surrealism, Visual arts, Underpainting, Blocking in, Building up texture, Dry brushing, Sgraffito, Glazing, Bronze casting, Stone carving, Wood carving, Ivory carving, Carving in semi-precious stone & shell, Modelling in clay, Wax modelling, Surface decoration.
Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, Affinity Designer, Clip Studio Paint, Graphiter, Artweaver 6, ArtRage 5, Krita, TwistedBrush Pro Studio, Medibang Paint Pro, Painter 2019, Black Ink, PhotoDonut, SpeedyPainter, Paintstorm Studio, Microsoft Office.

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