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Sam Liang

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BFA • Industrial Design • School of Industrial Design
Sam Liang is pursuing a BFA degree in Industrial Design by designing their personal visions within a structured and supportive academic environment with regard for aesthetic, business, and societal considerations.
Product positioning, Branding, Color theory, 3D underlays, Studio painting, Animation, Video editing, Mind map, Thinking with type, Identity system, Construction techniques, Safety requirements, Blue print rendering, Control art, Manufacturing, Elevation, Perspective, Orthographic drawing, Computer drafting, Lofting, Primitive geometry, Dimensioning, Sketch modeling, Sheet material modeling, Laser cutting, Laser etching, Clay modeling, Surface preparation, Heat bending, Hand sculpting, Vacuum forming, Casting, Jointing, Surfacing, Sanding, Filling, Paint preparation, Painting, Post painting processes, Rendering , Image retouching, Rapid digital sketching, Vector art techniques, 2d digital presentation, 3D modeling, Digital imaging, Curve quality, Mold making, Fiberglass layup, Visualization, Exploded views, Material properties, Additive processing, Subtractive processing, Plating, Plastics, Ceramics, Metals, Ergonomics, Market research, Concept development, Hierarchy of form, Design drawing, Pencil sketching technique, Press fitting, RTV molding, Fabrication, Costing, Seven universal shapes, Plastic proof model
Future design, Furniture design, Toy design, Sustainable design, Ecological design, Soft goods, Art Nouveau, Modernism, Professionalism, Retro-futurism, 21st century design, Product design, Automotive design, Transportation design, Wheel design
Tech & Hardware
Sketchbook Pro, AutoCAD, 2d vector and raster software, Photoshop, Painter, Illustrator, NURBS, 3D modeling software, Rhinoceros, Surface tools, Curve tools, Editing tools, AliasStudio, Vertical mill, Wood lathe, Machine lathe, CNC output, ImageStudio, StudioTools

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