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Ruqayah Baroudi

Student Work

About Me

MFA • Interior Architecture & Design • School of Interior Architecture & Design
Ruqayah Baroudi is studying for the MFA in Interior Architecture & Design, learning advanced techniques and theory of interior architecture and design, research, concept and design development, traditional and digital media, innovative ideas, and global issues.
Space planning, Digital imaging, Plumbing, Woodwork, Building codes, Zoning ,Structural systems ,Interior detailing ,Wall assemblies ,Color rendering, One-point perspective, Free-hand perspective, Paraline drawing, 3D Visualization, Material selection
Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCAD, 3D VIZ modeling program, Building Information (BIM) technology
FF&E (furniture, fixtures, & equipment), RCP (Reflected ceiling plan), Floor plans, Construction documents, Texture map, Draw commands, IES guidelines, Beam spread calculations, LEED certification

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