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MFA • Motion Pictures & Television • School of Motion Pictures & Television
Lu Cai is studying for the MFA degree in Motion Pictures & Television. Lu Cai is pursuing in-depth study and advanced training in the various areas of film and television production, and is preparing to compete for work in the industry or to teach.
Camcorder, Movie Magic scheduling software, Non-liner Avid Media Composer, Avid certification, Arriflex 16SR, Aaton LTR, Mitchell formats, Film emulsion tests, Light meters, Arri 35-3, 2C orientation, ARRI BL orientation, Photoshop, After Effects, Alpha channel, Steadicam, Jib arm, Part 107 FAA Drone Pilots License, Grip technology, HMI lighting, Tungsten lighting, Electrical distribution, Digital film transfer, Telecine machine
Motion tracking, Chroma keying, Ten-second film, Episodic series, Sizzle reel, Digital Camera, Storyboarding, Camera lenses, In-camera edit, Rough cut, Sequencing, Shooting, Screen direction, Transitions, Location scouting, Tech scouting, Interior v. exterior shooting, Exposure control, Master shot, Reverse angle, Cross key-light, Blue screen, 3-point lighting, Light banks, Chimera, Scene analysis, Auditions, Writing, Pitching, Union contracts, Scheduling, Budgeting, Location shoot, Studio shoot, Stage shoot, Invisible rhythms, Continuity, Elements of style, Editing theory, Montage, Media management, Advanced compositing, 16mm, 35mm, Black-and-white film, Bolex, Diopters, Sound recording, Soundtrack, Microphone placement, Filtering techniques, Sound mixing, ADR techniques, Foley recording, Filter tests, Film stock, Sensitometry, Film density, Camera blocking, Publicity, Festivals, Distribution, Static Frame, Close up, Kinetic editing, Listening modes, Music theory, Psychoacoustic principles, Soundscapes, Sound spheres, Prosody, Sound mapping, Digital filmmaking, Interpolation, 3D, Time manipulation, Expression scripting, Motion tracking, Motion stabilization, Nesting, Pre-composing, Parenting, Broadcast formats, Screenplay, Motivate blocking, Prepping, Wrapping, Tax rebates, Static master, Moving master, Developing master, Shot selection, Organic blocking, Rehearsal technique, Gaffer, Load balancing, Moving composition, Static composition, Social media marketing, Crowdfunding, Intellectual property, News gathering, Drones, Dialogue, Virtual reality, 360 video, Framing, Multi-layer effects, Color grading, Color correction, Joinery, Basic digital theory
Festivals, Short film, Animated short, Cinematography, Lighting, Assistant director, Central casting, Directing, Producing, Sound design, Production design, The Art department, UPM (Unit production manager), Entertainment law, Commercials, Experimental film, Music video, Documentary

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