Motion Pictures & Television (Emphasis in Producing)

Xinghua Stella Li

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About Me

MFA • Motion Pictures & Television (Emphasis in Producing) • School of Motion Pictures & Television
Xinghua Stella Li is studying for the MFA degree in Motion Pictures & Television with an emphasis in Producing, and is gaining an understanding of the creative process and business skills of entertainment.
Adobe Premiere Pro, ACA exam, Avid Media Composer, Post-production software, DV camcorder, Formats: PAL, NTSC, SECAM, Pro Tools, Audiosuite, Kodak PIXPRO Camera, Kolor Autopano Video Pro, Stitching software, Union contracts, Movie Magic scheduling software, Movie Magic budgeting software, CODEC, After Effects
Mise en scene, 180 rule, Subjective shooting, Coverage, Montage, Screen direction, Continuity, Elements of style, Title design, Narrative cutting, Virtual reality, 360-degree video, 3-point lighting, Six key light positions, Set protocols, DV cinematography, Exposure, Framing, Rule of thirds, White balance, Character development, Beat sheets, Scripting, Dialogue, Social media, Blogging, Branding, Financing, Distribution, Marketing, Acquiring rights, Press kit, 6 stages of manufacturing, Mixing, Equalization, ADR Recording techniques, Foley recording techniques, VR pre-visualization, Stabilizing, Film scheduling, Scouting, Budgeting, Key light, Art department, Special effects, Silicone casting, Airbrushing, Foam casting, Crowdfunding, Splicing, Optical printing, Panning, Animating, Color manipulation, 3-D, 8 basic shots
Sound Design, Lighting, Directing, Casting, Editing, Makeup, Cinematography, Producing, Production Design, Set Design, Costume Design, Stunts, Comedy, Action, Horror, Period, Film Noir, Avant Garde, Documentary, French New Wave, Cinema Verite, Festivals, Music videos, 16mm, 18mm, 35mm, Commercial

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