Visual Development

Arus Angchuan

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About Me

MA • Visual Development
Arus Angchuan is studying for the MA degree in Visual Development, pursuing advanced coursework in still life painting, figure drawing, character design, concept painting, layout design for animation, and other core skills of professional visual developers.
Anatomy, Proportion, Figurative concept, Foreshortening, Construction, Movement, Gesture, Light, Form, Color theory, Head drawing, Composition, Perspective, Focal point, Value pattern, 3D, Illusion, Physical flexibility, Clothed figure drawing, Storyboarding, Sequential drawing, Line-of-action, Volume control, Maquette sculpting, Animal drawing, Digital painting, Cinematic composition, Aspect ratios, Atmospheric perspective, Model packet, Story development, Animatic storyboarding, Animatics, Typography
Still life, Tonal self-portrait, Live action, Animation, TV, Film, Games, Environment design, Prop design, Architectural design, Landscape design

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