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David Haire

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BFA • Visual Development
David Haire is studying for the BFA degree in Visual Development Core, gaining experience in photography, figure modeling, form analysis, figure drawing, narrative principles, visual development for animation, character design, concept paintings, advanced exploration of perspective for video game design, and various other critical design disciplines.
Graphic shape design, Color charts, Live-action cinematography, Color continuity, Dramatic lighting, Material quality, Props, Signage, Decals, Texture painting, Digital imaging, Compositing, Movie optimization, Game interface, Visual communication, Level design, Isometric views, Production paintings, Thumbnail compositions, Value studies, Color and value, Lines of action, Silhouette, Model sheets, Basic shape design, Vector basic shape design, Single lightsource, Multiple lightsource, Anatomy, Non-destructive editing, UVs, Realistic painting, Stylized painting, Texturing damage, Graphic art, UPA animation, Cinematic composition
Mari, Lockdev, Vector tools, Photoshop, Digital cameras, 3D software, Zbrush software, Dynamesh
Graphic technique, European technique, Eastern technique, Social games, Interactive media, Mobile gaming, Web gaming, Family films, Creature design, Environment design, Live action, Documentary, Animation, Character design, Set design, Vehicle design, Armor design, Post-apocalyptic, Futuristic, Steam punk, Games

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