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Josh Fingerhut

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BFA • Writing for Film, Television & Digital Media
Josh Fingerhut is studying for the BFA in Writing for Film, Television & Digital Media, and is gaining experience with original and adapted feature films, television comedy and drama, short films, and writing for other forms of digital media.
Character development, Backstory, Three dimensions of character, Storytelling principles, Dialogue, Fatal flaw, Psychic wound, Archetypes, Character arcs, Period character development, Characterization, Screenplay analysis, Draft analysis, Story structure, Scene structure, Subtext, Scene tension, Story conflict, Comedy dialogue, Dramatizing exposition, Voice-over, Spec script, Cold opening, Act breaks, The tag, Tightening, Pace, Step outline, Subplot, Sequences, Opening scene, Inciting incident, Public domain, The Hero, The midpoint, Moral choices, Plot twists, The climax, Pilot, Outlining
Feature film, Television, Commercials, Songs, True life stories, Adaptations

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